April 2017

Damien Dominguez                                                         Youth of the Month
Sprague Clubhouse                                                               April 2017

Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County announced that Damien Dominguez is the Club’s April Youth of the Month. The Youth of the Month honor is earned by one member each month in recognition of their strong leadership, good character, and commitment to service. Legacy Bank, The Pueblo Chieftain and The Center for American Values are proud to be Youth of the Month Sponsors.

Damien is currently a 14-year-old eighth grade student at Pueblo Academy of Arts and he has been a member of the Sprague Clubhouse for seven years. Damien lives with his mother, step-father and younger sister. Damien has an older brother who attends Colorado State University- Fort Collins and his brother is his role model. Damien’s brother has set a wonderful example for him. He played sports in high school, held a part-time job to purchase his own vehicle and to pay for the extra sporting equipment he needed for school athletics. Damien closely watched how his brother succeeded in school and now Damien pushes himself to work hard for everything he wants in life. He has maintained a 3.8 grade point average or higher throughout his academic career and Damien plans to follow in his brother’s foot-steps by attending Colorado State University-Fort Collins.

Damien had his first job at the Boys & Girls Club as a teen leader during the summer and he is a hard worker. Club Staff of the Sprague Clubhouse wish that they could employ him throughout the year because he is a great asset to the team. Damien has a great work ethic and there are times that his peers are asking him to play but he always makes sure to complete his school work before he participates in any other Club activity or program. He is not only a good leader but he is a good teacher as well. Damien will take the time to help the younger Club members with their homework and they are truly grateful. He instinctively knows when something is not right and he knows that he can always go to a staff member about the situation. Damien makes sure that everyone is heard and the problem gets solved fairly. 

Damien shows a positive attitude for his peers through his sportsmanship and ability to get along with everyone. He is quiet, not very outspoken, but shows his leadership by contributing his skills and encouraging teamwork. Damien has a positive attitude for participating in physical fitness games such as football, basketball and soccer which are the sports he loves the most. He has been a member of Torch Club and recently he became eligible to join a leadership program called Keystone Club. As a Clubmember, Damien has enjoyed participating in the Club’s community service projects, fundraising activities and taking college tours with his peers from Boys & Girls Club. Damien knows being successful comes with hard work and dedication and he is willing to do both.

Damien shared, “The Club has provided me with the guidance and mental discipline to become a leader, athlete, and achieve academic success.”

As a Youth of the Month honoree, Damien is eligible to compete in Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County’s 2018 Youth of the Year competition, which provides several scholarships and leadership opportunities. The April Youth of the Month was selected by Charlotte Vasquez of Sunflower Bank, Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace and Dr. Patricia Erjavec of Pueblo Community College. If you would like to congratulate Damien, you may do so by emailing him at club@bgcpueblo.org.

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