August 2017

Cruzito Perez                                                                   Youth of the Month
Avondale Clubhouse                                                          August 2017

Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County announced that Cruzito Garcia is the Club’s August Youth of the Month. The Youth of the Month honor is earned by one member each month in recognition of their strong leadership, good character, and commitment to service. Legacy Bank, The Pueblo Chieftain and The Center for American Values are proud to be Youth of the Month Sponsors.

Cruzito is a 14-year-old student at Roncalli STEM Academy. He is one of three children and home is a place in which parents have been a major part of his life. He lives with both of his parents, and they enforce respect, manners, and values. Cruzito is young, but he knows why his parents have raised him the way they have and he takes pride in his families’ values.

Cruzito is always happy, and the Club has helped him have a positive outlook on life.
 At his age, peer pressure can be difficult, and Boys & Girls Club has demonstrated to Cruzito that it is okay to fit in with his peers, but it is also important to help others feel welcomed. Cruzito has communicated that he is thankful that he can talk to his parents about anything, but is grateful that he also has the Club staff to turn to as well. Cruzito is athletically competitive, and he has a passion for playing sports. He actively participates in football and wrestling.

Cruzito is that kid that loves to make you laugh, and he is willing to take part in any program. Cruzito will go out of his way to help another peer that appears to be alone or feels left out. Younger Club members will often seek him out to play games, and overall, Cruzito is willing to do what he needs to do to have fun. His enthusiasm for life is contagious, and Cruzito reminds Club staff how fun it is to be a kid. When Club staff need Club members to step up, Cruzito is a leader, and he will purposely volunteer first so that his peers will follow suit. Every time the Club teens have a community service project Cruzito is the first in line to help out.

Cruzito shares, “The Boys & Girls Club is a place where I can come hang out and feel like I am at home with my friends.”
As a Youth of the Month honoree, Cruzito is eligible to compete in Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County’s 2018 Youth of the Year competition, which provides several scholarships and leadership opportunities. The August Youth of the Month was selected by Paula Chostner of Pueblo County United Way, Ben Lutze of EVRAZ and Corinne Koehler of Koehler Wealth Management, LLC. If you would like to congratulate Cruzito, you may do so by emailing him at

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