Who We Are:

Boys & Girls Clubs are more than simply a place; for many young people we are a sanctuary that provides a safe, nurturing environment to learn and grow. It is the dedication and support of caring adults that allows for this enrichment, hope and opportunity.

As a leading youth services organization, we recognize that our excellence is largely achieved through talented and motivated staff. Our employees—whether they are full-time, part-time or seasonal—are integral to the success of the respective programs and the organization as a whole. 

Our staff are educators, coaches, artists, mentors, community leaders, and ambassadors. As an organization, we are fortunate to enjoy the collegiality and expertise of a highly skilled, diverse, and dedicated staff, and seek to recruit and hire only those individuals that will approximate these qualities and enhance the opportunities available to our members.

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County, we believe that our work is anchored in our staff’s ability to bring to life our vision—success is in reach of every young person who enters our doors—and embody our core values:

MISSION DRIVEN…committed to do what is best for kids and the Club at all times.
COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE… committed to do the highest quality work, at all times, with the resources available.
SUPPORTIVE… committed to support our members, their families, our colleagues, and the community.
FUN… committed to creating an environment that inspires you, your colleagues, and most of all, the kids, to have FUN.
               *Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County is an equal opportunity employer.

Who You Are:

We are seeking talented individuals from all backgrounds to join our staff and play a critical role in developing the young people of our community. To make a lasting impact on our Club members, we are interested in hiring applicants who embody our values and who will make great additions to our team-oriented organization. Applicants are more likely to be successful if they exemplify high quality of character and mastery over each position’s technical requirements. 

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