Requerimientos mínimos

Minimum Requirements:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County requires that, at a minimum, staff members have:

• A strong desire to work with youth in an open and supportive environment. 

•  Importantly, Boys & Girls Clubs of  Pueblo County offers members the option of attending as their schedules     and interests dictate. As a result, Club staff should be prepared to provide programs and activities that are both     pertinent and engaging. Prospective employees should understand that members’ attendance is not                         compulsory, but rather a result of strong programmatic instruction and the meaningful relationships built                 between the Club staff and members.

• Expertise in a core program area arising from formal training or experience. Typically Club staff have a combination of a formal college education, several years of volunteer or work experience, as well as other unique characteristics that make them especially well prepared to plan, implement and evaluate the various programs and initiatives. 

 • A demonstrable record of civic-mindedness, professionalism and integrity.  We take our responsibilities towards the care and protection of our members very seriously. All employees must submit to pre-employment and ongoing criminal background investigations, driving records checks, and drug tests. All new employees will undergo the following: 

• FBI Fingerprint Check  
• Rigorous Criminal Background Check (click here for details) 
• Extensive Educational Hours/Degree Verification 
• Current and Past Employment Checks 
• In-Depth Reference Checks • Social Security Verification 
• Department of Motor Vehicle Submission (if required to drive a vehicle) 
• Drug Screen (click here for details)

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