July 2015

Youth of the Month-July 2015

Angel Ascencio-Molina
East Side Clubhouse

Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County (BGCPC) announced that Angel Ascencio-Molina is the Club’s July Youth of the Month. The Youth of the Month honor is earned by one member each month in recognition of their strong leadership, good character, and commitment to service.

Angel is a newer member of the East Side Clubhouse who joined after learning about the Club’s new teen programs. He has a great passion for dancing and is a very talented young man. Angel is a leader and is comfortable with who he is. He is proud of his talent and performs at every given opportunity. Angel has a great energy and does not let negative opinions bother him.

Angel is well known for his perpetual good mood. Recently, Club staff witnessed Angel interacting with fellow Club members that were having what seemed to be a drama-filled day. Angel thought that the issue wasn’t worth all of the negativity and told his friends that they could be down about it, but it was a waste of their time. He went on to break the issue down for his friends and by the end of it the group was all feeling the same way. When you can make your peers cheer up and come to the same positive agreement by the end of the conversation that is a big deal and says a lot about how your friends value your opinion and character. 

Despite being a newer member, Angel immediately inspired his peers to help others and stressed the importance of community service. Recently, Angel helped out with the East Side Clubhouse’s Keystone Club store and noticed that the refrigerators that hold store items needed to be cleaned out. He asked the Clubhouse director if he wanted the members of Keystone Club to clean the refrigerators. At first, the Clubhouse director thought Angel was kidding, but quickly realized that Angel was serious. Within five minutes, Angel rallied his follow Keystone Club members to come together as a team and clean the refrigerators. Angel consistently helps out with the store and organizes the teen area, as well as the rest of the Clubhouse.

Ascenio-Molina states, “The Club is cool because I can hang out with my friends and socialize.”

As a Youth of the Month honoree, Angel is eligible to compete in Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County’s 2016 Youth of the Year competition, which provides several scholarships and leadership opportunities. The Party Zone is proud to be BGCPC’s July’s Youth of the Month Sponsor. The July Youth of the Month was selected by Chad Heberly, Financial Advisor at Stifel. If you would like to congratulate Angel, you may do so by emailing club@bgcpueblo.org.

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