May 2016

Youth of the Month-May 2016

Josh Gilmore
Sprague Clubhouse

Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County announced that Josh Gilmore is the Club’s May Youth of the Month. The Youth of the Month honor is earned by one member each month in recognition of their strong leadership, good character, and commitment to service. Legacy Bank and The Center for American Values are proud to be Youth of the Month Sponsors.

It has been a pleasure for Club staff to watch Josh grow into a fine young man. In his seven years of Club membership, he has graduated from nearly every Club program and has developed into a trusted leader. 

Josh’s integrity and compassion inspire Club staff. He continues to demonstrate that he is not afraid to stand alone when it comes to being true to who he is and doing what is right. Even when it is easier to be remain a bystander when someone is being bullied or treated unfairly, Josh does whatever he can to stand up for people and encourage others to do the same.

Josh is naturally a kind person and has a great sense of humor, with a contagious smile. He is always happy when he walks through the front doors of the Club and younger members become excited upon his arrival.  

Josh revealed that Brad Teter, the Club’s 2016 Youth of the Year, has been his role model for many years. Josh’s peers see him the same way Josh sees Brad. He is the type of person that does not crave the spotlight, but he truly deserves it because teens like Josh are rare.   

Josh shared his favorite quote by Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel!” He said, “The Club taught me this quote and I try to live by it every day!”

As a Youth of the Month honoree, Josh is eligible to compete in Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County’s 2017 Youth of the Year competition, which provides several scholarships and leadership opportunities. The May Youth of the Month was selected Wendy Garrison. If you would like to congratulate Josh, you may do so by emailing him at 
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