November 2017

Angelina Maruffo                                                              Youth of the Month
Avondale Clubhouse                                                         November 2017

Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County announced that Angelina Maruffo is the Club’s November Youth of the Month. The Youth of the Month honor is earned by one member each month in recognition of their strong leadership, good character, and commitment to service. Legacy Bank, The Pueblo Chieftain and The Center for American Values are proud to be Youth of the Month Sponsors.

Angie is a freshman at Pueblo County High School, and she resides with her mother and younger brother and holds a close relationship with her maternal grandparents and uncle. Angie has minimal contact with her father even though he lives here in Avondale. Angie was excited when her younger brother began attending the Club this past summer. Angie has an anxiety disorder, and she did not respond well to the medication. Her mother opted to take her off of it and try a new therapy. Angie wears magnets on the tip of her ears that are supposed to act as a type of acupuncture, and she has responded positively to this treatment. They seem to be doing very well for her.  
Angie’s family keeps her very close to home. She’s never allowed to go to a friends home or have friends over, but she is allowed to attend the Club every day. Although she probably lives the closest to the Clubhouse out of any Club member, she was only recently allowed to walk home. Even though Angie loves her family dearly, the Club has given her the opportunity to socialize and build friendships that she would not have been able to otherwise. Her family does allow her to go on every offsite activity with the Club without question because they trust the Club staff. Angie doesn’t want much out life, and the Club staff feel that they have provided her with opportunities to branch out and for her to understand what life is like outside of the community of Avondale.

Angie has a huge heart. She always has this amazing smile on her face, and she has become a surrogate big sister to many of the younger peers at the Clubhouse. She was an active member of Torch Club and helped with the Social Action Project last year. Angie’s is helping with this year’s Social Action Project and recently graduated to the Clubhouse’s Keystone Club. She never hesitates to assist in any community service projects and will often stay after the program to help staff clean up. Club staff has enjoyed watching Angie grow into an amazing young lady, and they can’t wait to see her compete in the Youth of the Year competition when she is of age.

Angie shares, “The Club has taught me how to be a good role model to others my age as well as younger kids.”

As a Youth of the Month honoree, Angie is eligible to compete in Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County’s 2018 Youth of the Year competition, which provides several scholarships and leadership opportunities. The November Youth of the Month was selected by Tony Caligaris, Partner at New York Life Insurance Company. If you would like to congratulate Angie, you may do so by emailing her at

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