Application Process

Application Process:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County has a specific process by which we recruit, select and hire qualified candidates. We ask that all applicants familiarize themselves with this process prior to submitting their application. Failure to follow the established guidelines may result in an application being discarded. All open positions will be listed on this section of the website. Though we regularly advertise openings on third-party websites, we are unable to ensure the integrity or timeliness of the postings given the intermediary nature of some of the job boards and career websites. As such, please refer to the bottom of this page to confirm any openings.

If there is an opening for which you would like to be considered, please review the minimum qualifications. These criteria are established as the basic credentials that must be possessed to be considered for the job. Meeting the minimum qualifications only guarantees that a candidate’s application will be reviewed; it does not assure an interview.

If you meet the qualifications and would like to be considered for the position, please follow the instructions, which customarily includes a cover letter, application, and professional references. Occasionally some positions may require additional documents or information. As a matter of convenience, we ask that all information be submitted electronically. In the event that a candidate is unable to send their documents electronically, separate arrangement can be made by contacting Human Resources directly.

Following a position being advertised and a qualified pool of applications established, we will schedule interviews with the best qualified candidates. Given the sizable number of applications we receive, regrettably we are unable to provide each applicant with status updates. Those candidates that are interviewed will be contacted about the hiring decision, but applicants that were not chosen for interviews may not receive any notification.

All applications received during the recruitment process will be retained for one year. Each position for which a candidate would like to be considered will necessitate a separate application. Applicants may request that their information be removed from our files or reused in consideration of other positions. Unsolicited applications will be accepted if they specify the desired position and status sought (e.g., Part-Time Technology Staff). Generic, unsolicited, applications will be discarded.

Current Job Openings:

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